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I have worked across various sectors and industries as a multifaceted communications professional over the past 30 years. My primary areas of expertise include editorial oversight, writing, copyediting, marketing communications, project management and employee relations. Although I have spent the last 15 years in the academic sector, my versatile skill sets have allowed me to collaborate with professionals outside of a university framework. My invaluable professional network includes state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, universities and private firms, and many project partnerships revolve around agricultural, technical and environmental focuses.

In my current position, I provide editorial oversight to support the mission of Clemson University Cooperative Extension. I serve as the managing editor for both Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension and the Journal of South Carolina Water Resources. I am the marketing executive for the Clemson Extension Publishing imprint I established under Clemson University Press and am a member of the Clemson University Press editorial advisory board. As a member of the Cooperative Extension Leadership Team, I serve as the publishing lead and provide various support to 10 Cooperative Extension program teams. I have been employed at Clemson University since 2008. Before joining Cooperative Extension in 2018, I conducted program management activities within water resources programs at Clemson University Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) and managed the coordination of the biennial South Carolina Water Resources Conference for nine years. From 2013 to 2015, I split my employment as a marketing strategist with the former offices of Public Affairs and Economic Development.

Past career positions have included public relations account manager and media relations specialist with Newman, Saylor & Gregory (advertising/PR firm); director of marketing and communications for Harvest Hope Food Bank; grassroots and media coordinator with the South Carolina Tobacco Collaborative; and assorted communications and special event involvement with the Central Carolina Community Foundation, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and the Kiawah Island Community Association. Additionally, I have served as a consultant and provided pro-bono work for a variety of nonprofit organizations and private firms.

I graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina's Master of Mass Communication graduate program and completed my bachelor's degree in Communication at the University of Pittsburgh.

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